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 My Character ..... Chaos

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PostSubject: My Character ..... Chaos   Sat May 15, 2010 11:20 am

Name: Daemon Tempest
aka Chaos

Age: estimated 400 years, physically 21

Gender :Male

Race: Vizard

Element: Lightning

Weapons: Zanpakuto, Scythes, and Gloves.

Fighting Style : Close - mid range combat

Residence: He resides in the human world.

Affinity: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Daemon had long flowing black hair put back into a ponytail. His eyes are a deep violet, and he wears a pair of glasses over his eyes. He wears a white shirt under a black vest, and a black pair of jeans that are torn in the knees. He has tribal tattoos all over his body, each of his own design. On his back is a full back tribal tattoo.
Design on back.(Click)
Located on back of neck (Click)
Located on shoulder blades (Click)
Located on forearms (Click)
located on back of hands (Click)
Each tattoo plays a certain role in his powers, since each is a seal for them. The one on his neck glows while in shikai (shoulder blades too while using upgraded shikai), the ones on his hands glowed while in bankai, and the ones on his forearms glowed while in Vizard form and in full release (yet to be revealed) the one on his back glows.

Personality: He is ahrd to be around, being one who deos not open up to just anybody, but once you are a friend of his he will always consider you to be one. He is not a very serious person or anything he just doesn't like to be around too many people. However if he is surrounded by people he knows he becomes a total party animal. He will sing, play instruments, and just plain out have a hell of a time. While in battle he is a force to be wreckoned with, he possesses strength, speed ad defense, being that his body is composed of pink muscle. However he lacks in the field of Kido and spells, and less in defenses against them, and thus why he trained his body, mind and sould to the peak of abilities, to make up for this weakness. Due to past history he takes 25% more damage from Fire based Spells and Kido.

History: He was always able to see spirits, at a young age he learned to fight, and he was quite the powerful one at that. Even at the age of 8 he was beating most adults, and it seemed that he had no equal, not even his own father could keep up with him for long, and soon he was even better than his father. His mother however did not want him to be a fighter, and to wanted to keep his pwers a secret, so they sealed them away in the forms of tattoos. He has four tattoos in all each representing a different level of power, and only by certain requirements could he invoke his real power. He lived until he was about 21, in which their home caught on fire, and he was stuck inside. He died to to the smoke in his lungs, and his body was burned to a crisp in front of him as he stood there watching nothing more than a spirit. It took many days before someone from soul societ noticed his spiritual power, and took him into soul society, where he was soon enrolled into the Shinigami Academy, he was able to pass within 2 years, he had the potential to be captain almost as soon as he was taken into the Gotei 13. However his success was not to last very long, though they saw he was powerful enough to take on the position, he was denied to even get the chance. He was furious, he was now able to unlock the first two seals of his power, having achieved Bankai, the highest a normal shinigami could, he fought his way toward the 1st captain and demanded to be given the chance. Yamamoto just glared with his old sullen face and unleashed his blades power upon Daemon. Daemon was defeated almost instaneaously due to his weakness towards the fire element. Instead of killing him on the spot they tied him up and tossed him into a pit full of hollow and left him do die as they unleashed the hollows upon him. Just as he was about to die, it seemed tiem froze as something spoke to him, he did not know what it was at the time, but it was his inner hollow. He let the creature take over long enough for him to escape from the center of the hollows, and take them all out in a single blow. looking down at his forearm he noticed the third tattoo on his body was glowing meaning more of his power had been unlocked. His hollow self killed all of the hollows, and created a portal to the human world to escape where he now resides, making a living in a small tattoo and spa type shop, and since his power is lock within seals he can hide his reiatsu with ease. He has two assistants name Terra and Serra small children that are Twin Vizard sisters.

RP Sample: ----- I dont need one, I am admin -_-
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PostSubject: Re: My Character ..... Chaos   Sat May 15, 2010 12:04 pm

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My Character ..... Chaos
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