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 Neek; Overflow Modsoul and Ruler of Hueco Mundo

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PostSubject: Neek; Overflow Modsoul and Ruler of Hueco Mundo   Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:17 am

Name: Neek

Age: Unknown

Gender : Male

Race: Mod Soul

Element: Space

Weapons: Depends on Mod-Form

Fighting Style: Neek's fighting style is based around his Overflow nature. At the start of each fight, Neek will set his subrace and weighting, the combination of the two referred to as his Mod-Form. His subrace can be that of any pc he has eaten in the past, and he will have access to all abilities of those he's consumed of that race. Though he will have to meet the post requirements for alternate forms and such. His weighting will determine his attributes. These are; Power (Extremely slow, but fairly durable and immensely strong), Speed (fast but with low attack and defense), Wall (Very slow, low strength, immense defense), Average (medium in all attributes), Dirty (Medium speed, low attack, low defense. Has access to a number of dirty tricks and cheats) , Sniper (low defense and melee, but high speed and ranged attack), Swordsman (High melee and defense, medium speed, low ranged attack). He can spend one post, doing nothing else in it, to change either his subrace or his weighting.

Residence: Los Noches

Affinity: Evil

Appearance: Neek resembles a small monkey in form, standing at about 2'3 in height. He's very chubby in build, and his white shirt tends to slip up a bit, leaving his belly partly visible. His usual outfit consists of blue denim overalls. He has a tail, but often wraps it around his waist, as he got sick of people stepping on it. Neek's hair is golden blond and usually arranged into two large pigtails. Neek's biology is very strange, as his body is formed from space elemental energy. For example he does not have blood, and when wounded his skin instead seems to melt like wax. The only way to truly kill Neek is to wear him down until his mass melts completely, and then burn his pill core to ashes.

Personality: Neek is generally upbeat and seemingly playful, which can hide just how dangerous he really is. According to the official reports a flaw in the Overflow Sysem drove him completely insane, but this may very well simply be grasping for an explination. Neek has an innate love for destroying everything around him, his first instinct when finding a new place being to attack it. The fact that he has established himself as ruler of Hueco Mundo shows that this instinct isn't overpowering, but at the very least he's a cruel little tyrant. Neek is very curious and can't stand not being allowed to know something, and if he knows someone has a secret he'll always try to pry in. Neek is very rude in general, and considers manners of any kind pointless. He's also constantly hungry, and fairly obsessed with food. Despite his fat appearance he actually doesn't gain weight, and if he did he'd be even more massive then he is, he eats constantly. His favorite foods include Bananas naturally, Shinigami, chicken, and french fries. Though he's in no way picky, and just about anything and anyone are a potential meal for him. He enjoys fighting a lot, and will occasionally challenge his subordinates to spars. Though if they disappoint him too much, it may cease to be a spar. He's in no way honorable though, and will use any underhanded method possible to win.

History: Neek was created in the early days of Project Spearhead, designed as part of a subproject to design a perfect anti-hollow weapon. Most modsouls were given specialized skills, augmenting their host beyond human levels, and Neek was designed to see just how far the Shinigami could take it. This became known as the Overflow System, a method of supercharging the modsouls spirit power. To say that the project went horribly would be a gross understatement. Neek's pill was barely out of production when it turned on it's creators. To their absolute shock Neek formed a body for himself out of energy, not even requiring a host, and proceeded to devour the Shinigami. The Modsoul began to rampage through Soul Society, but fortunately was cut off by a force of powerful Shinigami. They were heavily wounded in the process, but finally they managed to subdue Neek enough to force him into Hueco Mundo. Needless to say, the Overflow System was never attempted again.

Finding himself in the vast desert, Neek began to wander aimlessly. He eventually stumbled upon a few hollow, which attacked the modsoul. However they ended up getting eaten themselves, and Neek at least found the hollow world somewhat comfortable. He eventually stumbled into Los Noches, which was ruled over by a powerful Arrancar. Neek immediately attacked the city, continuing just as he had in Soul Society. The hollows weren't as lucky as the Shinigami, and Neek devistated their territory. Finally the leader of Hueco Mundo challanged Neek, and the two had an extensive fight, the first single opponent to truly wear Neek down. But he wasn't strong enough, and the Modsoul came out victorious. He immediately declared himself the new ruler of the hollow world, and has remained King of Los Noches since. Many hollows object to being ruled by a modsoul, but Neek has no patience for this, and questioning his right to rule generally turns out to be fatal.

Though he's quite happy in Hueco Mundo, Neek is still resentful towards Soul Society, and intends to take his revenge on them sometime down the road. For this reason he has increased the recruitment and training of Hueco Mundo's residents in hopes of beginning a war. Though as this has gone on for years, it's impossible to say when he'll finally consider the time right to launch an attack. Neek is aware of the Earth of course, but has little real interest in it. His primary focus is on Soul Society. Of course once he defeats the Shinigami, he'll need to find a new target to destroy, and the world of the living seems the most likely candidate.

RP Sample:

The heat of the dessert sun on Neek's back was sudden and far from pleasant. This really wasn't the kind of climate that his fur was designed for, and the sudden burn spread across his back like a rash. The fat monkey pushed up on one hand, dusting some sand off of his overalls. "You stupid... I'll kill all... what the..." He had expected the Shinigami to still be around, he'd only been down for a second, but sure enough Neek seemed to be all alone in a vast desert. With a growl he shook his head, clearing the last of the sand from his pigtails. Neek had no idea where he was, the climate was completely unlike where he had just been. Either he'd been down longer then he thought, or he'd been transported somewhere. Neek's tail slipped out from under his overalls as he rubbed it a bit, having fallen on it earlier. "Aww, what's the matter? Big strong soul reapers afraid of being digested alive by a little old modsoul?" He laughed a bit as he turned, before crossing his arms. "Talk about boring, where am I anyway..."

Neek was already sick of the dessert, and with no point of reference towards where he should go, he picked a course at random and started forward. His sneakers weren't made for dessert travel, and he frequently found himself slipping in the sand. But fortunately he was in Speed Weighting at the moment, and his agility soon componsated, and Neek began to travel through the sand much more comfortably. So far there had been no signs of life in the vast dessert, and Neek was getting hungry. There wasn't so much as a lizard to eat. "Oh come on, aren't these places supposed to be filled with catcuses?! Cacti... whatever!" With a growl he kicked some sand, only to hear a deep rumbling. In an instant the ground beneath Neek collapsed, and the sand dove forward like a waterfall. The little Modsoul was swept down with it, rushing to the bottom of a low sand dune. As he landed, Neek looked up, seeing something on the horizon. He wasn't sure what it was just yet, whether people or a place, but either way it meant food, and with new energy the small monkey leaped to his feet and dashed towards it.
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PostSubject: Re: Neek; Overflow Modsoul and Ruler of Hueco Mundo   Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:21 am

a charry capable of copying different races... i cant really approve of it sry.

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Neek; Overflow Modsoul and Ruler of Hueco Mundo
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