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 Adminstrative Fight (Meteor ONLY)

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PostSubject: Adminstrative Fight (Meteor ONLY)   Thu May 27, 2010 11:01 am

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"Ah a fine day in the big apple, I wonder if there any any hollow out there who can present a desent enough challenge."
Chaos did not expect such a thing, not today, and not ever, nothing ever seemed to present a challenge to him anymore, not like back in the academy. Chaos is standing uptop the Empire State building resting his zanpakuto upon his right shoulder the blade gleaming in the midmorning sky. He closed his eyes and enters his inner realm, his zanpakuto Kaminami Ryujin was there sitting down quietly he seemed to have a lot of things on his mind. Ryujin was a dark blue dragon, a a big one at that, probablty because Chaos had such a vast amount of reiatsu.
"What seems to be the problem old friend?"
"Your inner hollow has begun to ravage around once again, we will need to make sure to check the seals again."
"Very well I will do that tonight, but it seems I have a guest on the outside."
Ryujin sensed this energy as well, another powerful warrior was about to make themself known in this world. Chaos may actually be able to have some fun today. He opens his eyes and looks out in front of him, as he does a strong reiatsu reveals itself, and it was one he recognized.

Reiatsu - 200
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Adminstrative Fight (Meteor ONLY)
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