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 Bleach 5 Team.

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PostSubject: Bleach 5 Team.   Wed May 19, 2010 10:32 am

** You list 5 characters from bleach, that you think is the BEST team for fighting, and why, then tell how they help eachother.**

Uryu Ishida
- He has long range, powerful attacks that can devastate enemies from afar, he is extremely smart and agile, and has great strategies. He is skilled at fighting and can take down alot of enemies in short amount of time.

Orihime Inoue - She can heal, and use shields to protect the rest of the team. She has an amazing amount of willpower and is a comic relief for when the team is feeling down She also never gives up.

Urahara - I choose urahara because he has one of the most impressive zanpakuto in the entire series. It can be used as a shield, and an extremely powerful ranged weapon. Urahara is skilled in fighting and is fast. He is also very smart, and strong willed. He is great at strategies. Hes also a comic relief character, but can be very serious in tough times.

Zaraki Kenpachi - Hes a friggin' tank! 'Nuff said.

Shinji Hirako
- Shinji is an amazing fighter. He can use his hollow mask to match anyone's strength, and can fight extremely well. Hes a speed demon, and he can use Cero. How awesome is that?
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Bleach 5 Team.
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