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 My Doll Kaze no raitosutā, Sakusei no 7 tsu no shugo-sha First Two Parts

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PostSubject: My Doll Kaze no raitosutā, Sakusei no 7 tsu no shugo-sha First Two Parts   Tue May 18, 2010 9:15 am

**Incomplete: History and 5 more to come.**
Character Name: Kaine Kiyozu
Race: Bounto
Range: Medium-Long Distance
Type: Doll

Doll Name: Kaze no raitosutā, Sakusei no 7 tsu no shugo-sha Light Star of Wind: (Seven Guardians of Creation) - The Dolls Name is Kaze Raito, Meaning Wind Light

Element: Wind.

Elemental Weakness: Water

Effect: Most Bounto dolls have one form. His doll has Seven forms.

Special Notes:
Once Kaine enters a form, He cannot go back to lower forms. Meaning if he goes to Form 3, He cannot traverse back to form one or two again until the next battle/topic.

Weapon One: Gure-

Seimei no gurētobaria (Great Barrier of Life)
(Name of Form: Gure)
Appears as a floating white Shield at first
Becomes Crystaline cross shaped particles, that float around the Battlefield
Gure is Kaine’s best friend, and mastered doll, even though it is the weakest, it is his favorite.
Weapon Two:
Blue Orb: Mizu akuma wa, buraito no shisen
( Water Demon Gaze of Blight)
(Name of Form: Akuma )
Akuma first appears as a blue floating orb, in the shape of an Eye.
Akuma released: Akuma looks like a water serpent, or dragon.
Akuma is a cool-headed spirit.

Weapon Three
U~indoejji: Arashi no daburukurosuidoburēdo
Yellow Orb
Appears as a sword, with tornadoes floating around it.
(Wind Edge: Double Crossed Blade of Storms)
(Name of Form: Arashi)
Characteristics - Prideful, strong, and wise to Kaine.

Description: Seven different colored orbs, floating above the ground. Kaine controls them with his Reiatsu, each orb has its own specific release.

History: Kaine first realized he could use this weapon when his brother Kazuma attacked him. Kazuma ran away when a white barrier surrounded Kaine. The white barrier is Gure’s Shield Technique. Kaine somehow forgot how to use these forms after Zeiya left, as he lost all his memories. As Kaine fights, he remembers, also, He knows he is a Bounto, because Gure and Akuma will talk to him. The doll’s true form is Kaze Raito, meaning Wind Star.

Last edited by KaineKiyozu on Thu May 20, 2010 10:34 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added : Three, History.)
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My Doll Kaze no raitosutā, Sakusei no 7 tsu no shugo-sha First Two Parts
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